Myriam Belasse, designer, ghost designer to others and owner of Atlanta Sewing & Patternmaking Services, LLC, has devoted her entire career to the fashion industry. Belasse studied at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology and ran her Belasse Collection showroom in the heart of the garment district for over five years. She has worked with high-end private label companies with brands like Donna Karen, Bebe, Saks Fifth Avenue and Calvin Klein. Belasse brings to the table decades of experience as a designer, patternmaker and industry consultant. She has been designing and sewing beautiful creations literally since her teenage years. She is an artist, a business woman, an educator, a philanthropist and a world traveler. 

Atlanta Sewing & Patternmaking Services, LLC has been in business since 2004. It is a full service pattern making, product design and development company. It is equipped with heavy duty industrial machines. Atlanta Sewing & Patternmaking Service, LLC works with individuals, start-ups and established businesses to provide support for every aspect of the fashion industry. Atlanta Sewing & Patternmaking Service, LLC can take you from an initial concept to design & samples, including salesman samples. Atlanta Sewing & Patternmaking Service, LLC also provides industry consulting & assisting with manufacturing in the United States for companies in the planning and development stages of their fashion business.

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