Salesman Samples

ASAP provides salesman samples and also can connect you with the right manufacturing house for your business, whether within the United States or overseas. We will help you source wholesale fabric and trim; maximize return through efficient ordering; and provide guidance with every detail, from seam to label. 

ASAP will create the perfect pieces for your special collection. We do not work with leather only leather trims & no furs. The only limitation is your imagination.

Speaking Engagements
Looking for a dynamic speaker who knows every inch of the fashion industry? Want to inspire your students with a knowledgeable guest speaker? Rates begin at $350 for a one hour appearance. Additional travel fees apply outside of Georgia. 

Pattern Grading, Marker Making & Pattern Digitizing Service

Our pattern grading services will provide you with an accurate pattern sizing which will eliminate a bad fit on garments due to bad pattern proportions. Customers who use our pattern grading services benefit the most by using our experienced pattern graders who can take your flat single pattern designs and convert it into multiple sizes. Generate a full size grading specification sheet for your design or product and create your personal or targeted customer grading formulas. Start by ordering your sample size. Make your first sample then order your graded sizes. Tell us your fabric width and we will put it on a marker ready to be sent out to the manufacturer. We can make slight adjustments like longer sleeves and longer body length at no additional costs.

Custom Collection Work 

Atlanta Sewing & Patternmaking Service

Design & Pattern making

ASAP helps design your product. We work with you to bring your idea to life, from sketch to sample. Create your unique pattern with ASAP's input regarding design elements; sizing; fabric and notion selection; and grading. We only design patterns for 1 size when we are making a sample and when starting mass production we'll grade sizes based on the standard size of the sample. So you need to provide measurements for us only in one size (recommend size 4). Transform your vision into a usable pattern ready for production, whether a one-of-a-kind piece, a line item, or an entire collection. For pattern cost please contact our office. 

Our Services

Basic Consultation, Business Vision & Planning Consultation 

Schedule a one hour basic consultation to discuss how ASAP can assist your business with any of the available services. Review and compare all of your options. Expect to receive answers to questions you didn't know you had. The first half hour is free; thereafter $50 per hour. Skype consultations are $75/hour. International travels are $750/day. Send your sketches, swatches and ideas in advance for review. Get all of your questions answered with the benefit of decades of experience and expertise. ASAP will help you make informed decisions regarding every aspect of running a business in the fashion industry: Design, pattern making, materials, production, branding, marketing, intellectual property and cost/pricing analysis. 

Fabric & Trim Sourcing

ASAP knows where to locate the best deals on every type of fabric, thread, and trim. Work with us to find exactly what you are looking for at wholesale prices. We are now able to source manufacturers for t-shirts & polos made from 100% Pima cotton.

Garment Inspection & Evaluation 

ASAP will travel nationally and internationally to perform your quality control and ensure that every aspect of production projects the image you want for your company. Feel confident that your shipment will arrive ready to sell. Have a bad shipment? Too costly to ship back to the manufacturer? Let us evaluate the problem and we would give you our best recommendation to save your product. 

Overseas Manufacturing

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Have you exceeded your production capacity and want to take your production overseas? We can manufacture your products. We have created great relationships with our manufactures in South America & Haiti. Products like exotic leather bags, leather shoes, jeans, lingerie etc.